Give the Tories the welcome they deserve!

On June 10th, 2011, Prime Minister Stephen Harper will address the
Conservative Party of Canada’s (CPC) National Convention in downtown
Ottawa. Taking place during the 3 day CPC National Convention at the
Ottawa Convention Centre, Harper’s address to the gathered
Conservative Party members will be his first major address after
winning a majority government in the last election.

We invite all those opposed to the Harper’s right-wing agenda to come
together on Friday, June 10th, and make clear to the Conservative
Party that we will not sit idly by while they attack our communities.

The Conservative Party has been in power in Canada since 2006, and in
those 5 long years we have seen the dismantling, defunding and
discrediting of countless progressive organizations and programs. We
have seen a continuation of the war in Afghanistan and occupation of
Haiti, and ever increasing military spending. We have seen continued
attacks on First Nations communities, while hundreds of indigenous
women are still missing or presumed dead. The environmentally
catastrophic project that is the Tar Sands charges forward at full
speed, and real environmental norms are still just a dream. We are
seeing an increasingly dangerous and racist militarization of our
borders and an alarming rise in the number of deportations. And
Canada’s unwavering support for Israeli apartheid continues, even in
the wake of Operation Cast Lead, the flotilla murders and the
humanitarian crisis in Gaza and despite international calls for
solidarity with the Palestinian people.

The situation facing many communities has already been rough, and
friends, it’s going to get worse. The CPC has won it’s long sought
after majority and is free to move forward with it’s right-wing
agenda. Let’s be clear: this will mean an increase in aggressive
attacks on safe injection sites, on women’s organizations, on sex
workers, on First Nations people, on im/migrants, on people of colour,
queer people and trans people. A CPC majority will mean more severe
austerity measures and a new wave of attacks on the poor and on

Though many among us rejoiced at the unprecedented level of support
for Canada’s social democratic party, the NDP, let’s not leave the
upcoming fightback in the hands of politicians. Our power will be, and
has always been, in the streets. This June let’s give the Tories the
welcome they deserve. Let’s be clear that we are announcing 4 years of
raging opposition to their right wing agendas. We are calling for
worker’s unions, student groups, faith groups, anarchists, First
Nations people, feminist organizations, anti-capitalist networks,
migrant justice groups, anti-poverty organizations, disability rights
movements, Palestine solidarity activists, Native warriors and
anti-war organizers to come together to defeat this government.
Specifically, we are interested in this resistance being led by those
directly affected by the policies of right wing governments around the

June 10th will be the first day of action in what we can be sure will
be four years spent in the streets. All allies are invited to organize
their own contingents, or come join with other individuals who want
their opposition noted.

Join us on June 10th, 2011, in Ottawa as we give Stephen Harper and
the Conservative Party the welcome they so richly deserve!

Occupation Anywhere, Resistance Everywhere!